Un dia como hoy 25 de Noviembre de


November 25, 2010


1835Andrew Carnegie, American industrialist; devoted much of his wealth
1844Karl Friedrich Benz, German motor car engineer
1912Francis Durbridge, Playwright and author
1914Joe Dimaggio, Legendary American baseball player
1920Bernard Weatherill, Former ‘Speaker’ of the House Of Commons
1946Bev Bevan, Drummer with the ‘Electric Light Orchestra’
1952Imran Khan, Former Pakistan cricket captain


1823The chain pier at Brighton was opened
1937The first Quiz to be broadcast, an inter-regional spelling contest, took place
1953Hungary beat England 6-3 at Wembley in London, the first ever foreign team to achieve an away win at the ground
1953At the Ambassador Theatre in London, Agatha Christie’s long running play ‘The Mousetrap’ opened
1963John F Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery
1984In a London studio ‘Band Aid’ recorded ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’, in aid of charities