Un dia como hoy 21 de Diciembre de


December 21, 2010


  1401Masaccio, ‘Florentine’ painter
  1804Benjamin Disraeli, British politician
  1879Joseph Stalin, Russian revolutionary leader
  1935Geoff Lewis, Former jockey turned trainer
  1937Jane Fonda, Actress; daughter of Henry Fonda & sister of Peter Fonda
  1946Carl Wilson, Of the Pop group ‘The Beach Boys’
  1954Chris Evert, Wimbledon tennis champion of 1974 and 1981
  1978Greville Starkey (1939), English jockey and ‘Derby’ winner


  1620The ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ historic landing took place at Plymouth, in Massachusetts, in the vessel Mayflower
  1879Ibsens classic play, ‘The Dolls House’, was first performed at the Royal Theatre, in Copenhagen
  1913The first ever crossword was published, in the weekend supplement of the ‘New York World’
  1937Walt Disney’s animation ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’ premiered in Los Angeles
  1945The US General George Patton died in Heidelberg, Germany, as the result of a road accident
  1958Charles de Gaulle was elected, as President of France
  1986Over 50,000 students demonstrated in Shanghai’s Peoples Square, for democracy and freedom in China
  1988After a record 365 days in space, two Russian and one French cosmonaut returned to Earth