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Un dia como hoy 16 de Diciembre de

December 16, 2010


  1485 Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s first wife
  1775 Jane Austen, English novelist; ‘Pride And Prejudice’ & ‘Sense & Sensibility’
  1857 Edward Emerson Barnard, US astronomer, discoverer of Barnard’s star
  1882 Zoltan Kodaly, Hungarian composer
  1882 Sir Jack Hobbs, Renowned cricketer; the first of his sport to be Knighted
  1899 Sir Noel Coward, Renowned playwright, actor, producer and director
  1946 Benny Andersson, Singer/songwriter with the Pop group ‘Abba’
  1953 Stephanie Lawrence, Actress and singer, made famous by ‘Evita’


  1653 Oliver Cromwell became ‘Lord protector of England’
  1773 ‘The Boston Tea Party’ took place when the ‘Sons of Liberty’ dumped 18,000 worth of tea in the sea
  1809 The marriage between Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine was disolved after thirteen years
  1925 Construction of the Mersey road tunnel began, eventually opening almost ten years later in 1934
  1929 Britains first airship, the R101, flew on its first trials
  1952 Lord Mountbatten was appointed as chief of Allied forces in the Mediterranean, by NATO
  1965 Somerset Maugham the English novelist died in Nice, France, at the age of 91

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