Un dia como hoy 26 de Noviembre de


1886 Rafael Arredondo     Nace en Ebéjico (Antioquia) Rafael Arredondo. Reconocido político Liberal. Se desempeñó como Alcalde de Medellín, Senador y Presidente del Directorio Liberal 

1960 Gilberto Alzate Avendaño   Muere en Bogotá el político, periodista y abogado Caldense Gilberto Alzate Avendaño 


  1905Emlyn Williams, Welsh actor and playwright
  19081908 Lord Forte, Hotelier and financier
  1910Cyril Cusack, Irish writer and actor; appeared in many films
  1922Charles Schulz, American cartoonist; ‘Snoopy’ & ‘Charlie Brown’
  1924Pat Phoenix, Actress; TV’s ‘Coronation St’ as Elsie Tanner
  1933Robert Goulet, American actor
  1938Tina Turner, American rock star and film actress
  1948Peter Wheeler, Former England rugby captain


  1789The first national thanksgiving day was celebrated in America, to mark the 1621 harvest of the Pilgrim Fathers
  1867The first ever woman to vote in a British election cast her vote, due to a mistake in the electoral register
  1908Lord Forte (1908), Hotelier and financier
  1922In Egypt, Howard Carter and Lord Caernavon discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, the first time the tomb had been opened for 3,000 years
  1959The House of Lords voted against the introduction of commercial radio
  1972The ‘Race Relations Act’ came into force in the UK
  1983At Heathrow airport near London, The Brinks Mat security warehouse was robbed of 25 million in gold bars
  1983In Auckland New Zealand, David Bowie performed to an audience of 80,000 people, breaking the attendence record for the Southern Hemisphere