Un dia como hoy 21 de Noviembre de


1968 Cumbitara (Nariño)     Fundación del Municipio de Cumbitara (Nariño). El primer alcalde fue el señor Florentino Romo Solarte

Nacimientos:  1787 Samuel Cunard, Canadian shipowner
  1888 Harpo Marx, Harp playing comedian in the famous Marx Brothers films
  1913 Roy Boulting, Renowned film maker
  1922 Telly Savalas, American actor best known as TV’s ‘Kojak’
  1941 Juliet Mills, Actress and daughter of Sir John Mills
  1943 Jacques Laffite, French Grand Prix driver
  1945 Goldie Hawn, Oscar winning American actress 

  1783 A Montgolfier brothers hot-air balloon, took Jean de Rosier and the Marquis d’Arlandes, 500ft above Paris
  1843 A Briton, Thomas Hancock, patented vulcanised rubber. He had produced the first ever inflatable toy balloons in 1825
  1922 Ramsay MacDonald was elected leader of the Labour Party
  1953 The Skull of Piltdown Man was proved to be a hoax,it had long been believed to be the missing link
  1974 The IRA exploded two bombs in two Birmingham Pubs, killing 17 people and injuring 20 others